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NB-IoT Tester
NB-IoT --- The new future of connecting things ! - Internet of Things (IoT) is the new technology for connecting gadgets, globally, to the internet. For years it has been possible to connect computers, mobilephones, industrial units and all kinds of other microprocessor controlleddevices to the web. NB-IoT is the network to use ! The main reasons for developing this new standard are: - Devices will be easy to connect/install. - NB-IoT transmitters will cover large areas making the devices easy to deploy. - The transmitting/receiving parts of the NB-IoT devices are of low cost and veryreliable. - The NB-IoT devices will be very power efficient. Some examples of the new NB-IoT services - Electrical-, water- and gas- meters. These devices are ideal to connect via   NB-IoT as they are used/installed in very large numbers. It is of interest for   the provider (i.e. like the electrical company) to see the consumption of a   commodity. (and could be done almost in realtime !).   Installations of the NB-IoT devices ”en mass” can be done very fast as the   installations time, per unit, will be very short. This also mean that the   cost for deploying all these NB-IoT devices will be low. - Facility management services (heating, doorlocks etc.) - Alarms systems for homes & commercial properties (like cameras,microphones,   firedetectors etc.). - Health parameters -connecting people with medical services. - Tracking of persons, animals, cars, boats and other objects. - Smart city infrastructure such as street lamps and local traffic info. - Connecting industrial appliances and agriculture machines.  Needed – the NB-IoT Tester ! To make sure You have a good signal-quality/signal-level You will need to measure ! The solution is to use the NB-IoT Tester. To measure is to know !!! The NB-IoT Tester measure the signallevel in the air at a certain location. It measure continuosly and show the signalstrength with both realtime values and in the shape of thermometer scales. Using the NB-IoT Tester will give the installer confidence and assist to make proper documentation of each and every installationsite. Some providers will certainly demand to know about the quality of the performed work by the entrepreneur. Using the NB-IoT Tester will satisfy both parts.